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{October 1, 2014}   I’m Lazy…No…I really Am.

I am lazy!!! No, I really am. Apparently, this is how I got to be obese. “Morbidly obese” according to doctors. How disgusting does that sound? Talk about hating yourself after leaving a doctor. I prefer to call myself “fluffy” in the words of Gabriel Iglesias. That sounds so much nicer. Either way, I am lazy and its the number one thing that I am working on.

Everyday for the last 3 weeks, I have worked out every single day in some form. However, I had to make it fun for myself, otherwise I knew I wouldn’t stick to it. They say that when you do something for 21 days, it becomes a habit. Not for me. Around the 3rd week is when I give up. This time was different. I kept going and I even increased what I was doing. No rest days.

First, I am a Rockstar Aunt. I am an Aunt to 11 nieces and nephews. Four of those children are in my life on a daily basis practically. They are my inspiration for losing weight. I want to be a role model for them and I want to be around a long time so that I can see them grow up. So, to start we went to the McKinley Monument here in Canton, Ohio. I figured that if I took them, then I would be forced to climb the steps after them and we could make a game of it. We have now done that three times in the last week. 108 steps. I normally make it up and down at least twice. With the metal in my legs, it is more painful coming down, so I just go slow. They slide down the sides and we have a blast. Don’t even notice that I am getting in a killer workout. My niece Bryanah in the batgirl shirt below is blind and is fearless. She gives me the courage to push through the challenges and struggles.

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I also got some new exercise dvds that include dance. I love to dance. I turn on my timer and dance for minimum of 15 minutes or longer depending on how I feel. I work hard at working up a sweat and I try not to rest. I have danced around my house like an idiot since I was a child. It’s probably my favorite thing to do and if it helps me burn calories even better. I plan on reviewing each dvd and letting my friends know which ones I think are good and which ones bore me to pieces. If anyone saw me doing this, I’d probably be put on Youtube. Although, I really think that I have moves. I taught all my friends, cousins and my nephews and nieces how to dance. My blind niece can boogie!

Everyday I find new ways to get my workout in. I also found an Ab and Squat Challenge to start over 2 weeks ago on I am on day 12 and today I have to do 65 squats!!!! I can do it but ugh, that’s a lot of squats. My boyfriend is doing the challenge with me, so that helps out a lot (although he asked for a couple day break yesterday – shhhhh).  A few people online said they would do it with me but they are ghosts now. It is tough, but it’s fun when someone else is doing it with you. Once I complete it, I will find another challenge that pushes me.

The whole point to this post is that I want to be a new and improved version of myself and the only way for me to continue on this journey is to make those activities that I hate just a little more fun. No more laziness, well maybe after I take this nap real quick. Just kidding….


{January 5, 2010}   In Perfect Timing…

Over the last couple years, I’ve come to realize that there really is a way to optimize your social media results by strategically planning your content and when to post it. I’m sure that this concept has been mentioned before, but this is my spin on it.

Morning: INSPIRE & MOTIVATE ~ The best time to post an inspiring quote or motivating video is the morning. This is when I need a boost to create a momentum for the rest of my day. When a day starts out bad, it tends to spiral downwards. I choose to be uplifted first and then proceed with success for the rest of my day.

Afternoon: INFORM & EDUCATE ~ By mid-day we begin to research and browse for information. Blog and share articles throughout the afternoon to engage your audience. Join in discussions around topics of interest and build your network.

Evening: ENTERTAIN ~ By the evening time, the majority of us are ready to stop working and be entertained. You will want to join in discussions on tv shows of interest, music, movies, etc. Share videos you like and engage with others about anything “fun”. Just keep it “clean”. Remember that you represent your brand no matter what time of day it is.

et cetera