Change, Courage, Purpose & Love

Rock Star Social Media Consultant, Health Insurance Agent, music fanatic, self-educating, SuperStar Aunt, and overachievier.  I created this blog to inspire others to change and find their purpose in life while I try to find mine at the same time.,,


Lissa Weinstein says:

Hi Laura — good listening to you today at Rebar. Are manuals available?

thanks much,


Lynda Tuttle says:

Hi Laura,
I like what you are trying to do with posting the positve about Stark County. Here is an event I would Like you to check out and post if you would. (I tried to get it to you by posted it before on Stark Fan Page, but I don’t know if that is how you want things posted) Please check out my website for details on what I do & why… check out our event, and if you feel it is in line with the types of event you want to post, then please post website, links…
‘Have Your Cake & Eat It Too’ Cake Contest & Auction
An open invitation w/links…is also on my FB profile

Sincerely, Lynda Tuttle

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