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{October 14, 2009}   Jumpstart Your Twitter Followers

When I first started my Twitter account, I had never seen one webinar or teleseminar on how to use this amazing social media tool effectively. I did, however, understand the concept very quickly of how viral this tool was. Since I am in the mortgage industry, it made since to see what others in my field were doing and see how I can make it my own. So what happened next was unbelievable. I jumped up to over 200+ followers in one night. This blog is just about this one wonderful secret. And, it’s this simple: FIND PEOPLE IN YOUR NICHE, PASSION OR PROFESSION AND FOLLOW THEIR FOLLOWERS. Seriously! It’s that simple.

Networking is most effective if you connect with like-minded individuals. KNOW YOUR MARKET. If you don’t know your own market, you can’t effectively brand yourself. Make sure your content is valuable and make sure to actually interact with your followers. Engage and share with your connections. DON’T PROMOTE YOUR PRODUCT IF YOU ARE A BEGINNER. Promote yourself. Be authentic as well. Share your passions, expertise, and just be YOU. I will be sharing more tips on Twitter, Facebook, & my favorite LinkedIn. Stay tuned…


{October 14, 2009}   Hello world!

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